Revisiting nature’s simple phenomenon

Revisiting nature’s simple phenomenon

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The needs and desires of beings create their physical, mental powers and physiological conditions. This fact can be easily understood by considering a little more deeply and many proofs can be found.

It was believed that due to rain, trees produce vegetation, but it has been found that the requirement of trees is dragged by catching the flying clouds and force them to rain on their area. A few decades ago, where there were big deserts, the water did not drain and the clouds used to fly dry from there, but now when the forests have been planted there, the old order of nature has changed and it has started raining spontaneously. Regarding areas with high rainfall, it has now been accepted that the forest wealth there puts pressure on the clouds to rain. Trees are more part of consciousness than clouds, so they are more in strength, being less than clouds in expansion. Therefore, the representative tree of consciousness falls heavily in both pulls.

Self-defence is an urgent need for beings. Nature has created an enemy side to keep alive the awareness and might of the creatures. If all organisms had the facility to live peacefully and safely, then they would have become lazy and pragmatic and the energy and skill found in them either would not have developed or would have ended soon.

Giant animals such as lions, birds, pigs, elephants, but others, self-protect with their sharp teeth and get food with their help. Snakes, scorpions, barre, wasps, bees, etc., sting their stings and defeat the enemy. The foul smell that comes out of the body of the snail, earthworm, etc., the enemies have to run away with their nose closed. Unicorn, tortoise, mussel, snail, conch, armadillo, etc., protect them from the hard armour that is put on their skin. The grasshopper colour, butterfly flower colour, leopard tree-leaf-like mottling, chameleon change its colour according to seasonal changes. Polar bears adopt a white colour like snow, easily hide in the nearby environment and do not get caught by the enemy. Any number of creatures self-protect by colouring themselves in the colours of pebbles, stones, sand, mud, garbage, etc. Shark fish is famous for electric shock. The nature and posture of many creatures are so terrible that on seeing it, the enemy has to attack very deliberately.

Hunting animals have to be more powerful, because of this, they do not just get strong teeth, nails, claws, but even their own speciality. He has received this grant from nature on the strength of his resolve.

The weight of a lion is more than 400 pounds while the weight of a cow is two to two times more. Still, due to the balance of the lion’s tail, a 12-foot high wad pressed into his mouth makes it fun.

The institution of anatomy and intelligence of beings is also important in its place, but their biggest feature is will power, desire and need. These sentiments, which are as intense as the creatures, they receive as large grants from nature. The reasons for the various human beings available are believed to be due to their increased resolve power.

Apart from this, nature has also made special arrangements for its offspring and has given them many grants, due to which petty to petty creatures also complete their life’s journey defiantly.

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