Birds: as we know them

Birds: as we know them

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Animals seem petty. Birds seem trivial. Compared to humans, he did not get intelligence nor developed senses as much. Still, it should not be assumed that God has ignored them. Looking closely, it appears that there are so many characteristics in which man is quite backward. If man had got those abilities which the birds considered as despised, then he would have been in a higher position than the glory of the so-called gods.

God loves his bird children. They have given someone to play to feed and some to someone. In this creation, there is neither any devoid of resources nor all the rich, so many and such resources are available to every living being according to his need so that he can run his life with satisfaction and happiness. If we look at the world of birds, then it becomes clear that they too are worthy of the grace of God and are equipped with the means to suit their need to prove that man is small and backward in any achievements.

The speed of Garuda is generally 65 to 110 miles per hour. But when he swings on the prey, those moves are 200 miles. Thus Garuda weighs from five to ten kilos, but he presses his predatory weight in claws and goes a long flight towards the nest. Garuda also does not miss stealing eggs. Australian’s teddybear carries half a dozen children on its back and takes care to climb so that no child falls.

Eight to ten children of America’s Ospasay rats are carried on their mother’s back. These children are so clever that they wrap their tails in mother’s tail and make them chained and avoid the danger of falling and enjoy the ride.

Hummingbird, the most powerful bird in the world by body ratio, is found on the banks of the Gulf of Mexico and the Panama Canal. Its jewelled devotion is made on seeing it. Body length 3 inches but beak five inches. It is so gourmet that without eating continuously it does not have any rest. She consumes three times her diet in a day. He has to be very busy and active in gathering this diet. By this ratio, if a man has to be ready, then he has to spend 450 times more powerful than normal power expenditure. Nature has given him such a long break for the convenience of being able to hold and swallow a lot of food together.

When the ‘hummingbird’ sleeps, its sleep is so deep that if someone wants to pick it up like a lump. The body becomes idle like a corpse. It doesn’t change at all.

On the helicopter theory, its wings are made differently than other birds. It can fly back and forth, from the sloping ground to the sky, from the sky to the ground, and also remain stationary in the air. The branches of flowers do not sit on the branches of the trees even when they are eating, but they keep flying. Even at that time, his wings are moving at an amazing speed of 5 times in a second. Due to this, one-foot sharp vision is at the forefront of birds of its race. Ostrich is now found only in Africa. Height is often 6 feet, weight 300 pounds, speed 40 miles. In the middle, he makes such a 15-foot leap that even the horsemen have to give up. His kick can break the leg of a horse. It is also domesticated. In Africa, it befriends a wild ass — Zebre. The two love each other and also help each other in times of adversity. They can be seen walking and sleeping together. A 6-foot-high 200-pound heavy penguin, found in the Pole regions, stands like a human and moves with two legs. It has its own speciality of swimming in seawater and tolerating cold. During the cold days, he passes 3-4 months without eating. The game of sliding on ice is very pleasing to it. All birds of this caste often live as husband and wife pairs. Males especially have to take care of the house.

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