The compassion in animals

The compassion in animals

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Dr Goodall’s statement is that Chimpanzee has never killed anyone, he has never received such information from anywhere. A good example of the art of intimidation is that of a chieftain chimpanzee. He had an entire empire over that area and all the chimpanzees ran away fearing him. The thing was that he found a broken canister of kerosene somewhere in the forest. With the help of a piece of wood, he learned the art of rolling, bouncing and banging. He used to play this war train with such cleverness as if a train was leaving from there. Just then, all the chimpanzees would run away after listening to him and then he would have fun using the area he wished. In this way, he instinctively took the responsibility of that area in his fist.

Sometimes when the fox sees the ambush etc., all the ducks in the pond shout together and thus shout and warn their group and fail the will of the invader.

The wolf in landfills and crocodiles in aquatics often plan prey together and find prey more easily with combined effort. They get what they get and share the fights without fighting.

When a blackbird living in the icy part of the new cow is thirsty, they form a flock and sit in a place, they often quench their thirst by drinking the snow that melts from the stomach heat. A bird cannot do the work of melting ice, so organized use is suitable for them.

The lion expert, George Shaler, states that lioness duly teaches her children the art of hunting and tearing, all of which comes to the child in the form of birthright. The small lion usually lions alone, but many lions attack together to beat the big animal.

It is not right to think that drugs are weak in animals. The truth is that they are also more powerful than men and also courageous. The lion does not make as much effort in hunting as the lioness, it is clear that female animals have extraordinary affection for their children. In terms of intellect, animal mothers do not prove to be frivolous to human mothers even when they are backward from humans.

Dr Eimer Hamilton, an expert on African elephants, has discovered that elephant herds are headed by female elephants, not male elephants. In bravery, she is not less than a male but more. The lion attacking the infants has been trampled under the feet several times by angry arms.

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