The ‘nature’ and our ‘illness’

The ‘nature’ and our ‘illness’

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Gerhard Domak in 1932 presented a series of drugs of the ‘Sulfa Drug’ race. In those days, this invention was considered very useful. Even after that, searches continued in that direction and more powerful antibiotics came out.

Antibiotics are chemical substances produced in living cells, which kill the viruses that enter the body and prevent growing disasters. Medicines of this class are often manufactured from plants of the genus Mites action, Mises mould. A drug of this class, penicillin, came to light. It is manufactured from mildew. After this, more effective medicines of the same caste were made. Streptomycin, chlorine myricetin, tetracyclin, oria mycin, acro mycin, leider mycin, terra mycin, sinar mycin, tetra mycin, hosted cyclin etc. were invented. It has become very famous in showing its effects on various species of viruses. They are used in many forms, capsules, drops, syrup, tablets, spur side ointment suspensions, intramuscular and intrabinase injections are the main ones.

The slaughtering that occurs due to the use of these drugs kills the disease and the increased infestation of the disease decreases. Everyone is pleased with this miraculous benefit. Patient because his increased pain decreased. Doctor because he got the credit. Sellers because they got money. Producers because they got famous. The disease is also happy that we have not lost anything. We remain where we are and find an area free to expand. The benefit is actually not due to the death of disease moths, but due to the debilitating of healthy particles, the struggle that is going on is caused by the relaxation. The benefits of this instant leave the roots of health behind and consequently, the home of new diseases becomes the body of the patient.

B.C.G. Dr Novel Irwin, an expert on his book, ‘B.C. In Voxination Theory and Practice, the harmful reactions and diseases arising from this vaccine have been described and expounded in detail. Reading that book, the water reverts to the glory that these days VGC. Prevention of typhoid is prescribed by applying vaccines. ‘

The pioneers in these drugs are becoming as weak as they are in terms of health. One crop of diseases continues to grow throughout their society. These days the cough crop is in full swing in England, although it is also full of preventive medicines.

Cough has become a widespread disease in Britain. According to the ‘Practitioner’ magazine, Britain is the most coughing country in the world, where patients of Wrocahis come to get the most treatment in all hospitals. In that country, 559 people die from this disease after one million deaths. Insurance companies have to pay 7 million pounds to the patients of this disease.

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