The moon as we know it now

The moon as we know it now

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According to modern science, the moon is a circular inanimate body of 2000 miles diameter which shines with sunlight. Its mass is only 81st than that of the earth. There is neither water nor air. Neither any organism nor vegetation. The rocks of the world have become dust due to the continuous rains of the world rays, the meteors – the atomic rays. Its layers include nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, carbon dioxide and certain metals. It is very cold at night and overheating by day. It orbits the Earth from around 240000 miles away.

So far the beliefs regarding the moon have been propounded and practised. Darwin states – In ancient times the earth was hot. There were many explosions in it. He was orbiting the hot sun. Meanwhile, due to the explosion of the earth and the attraction of the sun, a piece of earth broke apart and it started moving freely. This is the moon. The place of the earth from which this piece was broken, became a pit of the Pacific Ocean.

Dr Wa wise also confirmed this view with some manipulation. He talked about the formation of several ravines in the moon due to comets, world rays and power shocks. James Jeeva and Dr Wafun’s view is that – sometimes a huge star passed through the sun. His and the Sun’s gravitational tug of war took place. In this struggle, a large part of the sun was broken with a terrible explosion. Other parts of the solar system formed from that broken part and from the same debris became the moon. Due to the Moon being close to the Earth, it gravitated to the Earth’s gravity and started revolving around it.

Dr Fed Hayal says – Sunlight attracted the thrown particles of the fiery light in the eternal sky, and it became dusty, denser to the moon.

Now, these new facts regarding the moon were accepted. Though ancient beliefs are discussed in the literature, but no one urges them to consider them right. That is appropriate too.

Greek astronomer Anegajoras used to say with great contention that the expansion of the sun was as much as the south of Greece. In those days this rendering was considered completely secret. Can a little sun be as big as the southern part of Greece?

Other astrophysicists moved further behind. He calculated that the expansion of the Sun is bigger than the Earth. The listeners considered it an even greater exaggeration. These planetary mathematics continued even further and the astrologer Posidoys described the expansion of the Sun as even greater than half of its current recognition. The old philosopher ‘Dante’ is well-developed imagery of the universe in the medieval period. He has said in his book ‘Paradiso’ – Sun, moon, heaven, the fixed constellation is the centre of it all. In 24 hours, one round is completed. Compared to today’s cosmic belief, it can only be called childhood fantasy. Now the recognition of the expansion of the universe is much further and much broader than the ancient. The stars are no longer hanging in the ceiling of the sky. According to current astronomy, the nearest star is also very large and far away from the Sun. Sunlight reaches the Earth in eight minutes, but it takes about four years for the light of that nearby star to reach us. All the stars that see us with open eyes are all the eggs of their own milky way galaxy and are tied to them and play on their lap. Like our milky way galaxy, there are millions of galaxies in the universe.

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