Time-management: Don’t sit idle

Time-management: Don’t sit idle

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The palace of life is made of bricks of time-hours-minutes. If we love life, then it is appropriate not to waste time in vain. While dying, a thoughtful person regretted his life being wasted and said – ‘I destroyed time, now the time is destroying me.’ Lost wealth can be earned again. Forgotten lore can be remembered again. The lost health can be returned by medicine, but the lost time cannot be returned in any way, for that only remorse remains.

Just as desired items can be purchased in exchange for money, similarly, in exchange of time, things like wisdom, wealth, health, happiness, peace, liberation etc. can be purchased. God has sent the man to the earth by giving abundant money in the form of time and has instructed that he should buy whatever in the world he thinks is interesting in return.

But how many people understand the value of time and use it well? Most people continue to waste precious moments of their lives in idleness. One by one, the whole life is spent and at the last time they see that they have not attained anything, they have spent their days of life. On the contrary, those who know that time is the name of life, they spend every single moment like a precious pearl and get a lot in return. The greatest introduction of intelligence has been given by every intelligent person that he did not let the moments of life be wasted. According to his understanding, which could have been put to good use, he spent time in it. This program of his could eventually lead him to this condition, on which his soul would feel contented. If a man spends a day or so every day, he can complete very important work in a few days even after such a short time. By reading forty pages in an hour, twelve hundred pages can be read in a month and about fifteen thousand pages in a year, if this sequence continues for ten years, one and a half lakh pages can be read. These pages can contain several hundred texts. If they are of the same subject then that person can become an expert of that subject. If a person engages in learning foreign languages ​​for an hour every day, then that person can undoubtedly become the knowledge of all the languages ​​of this world in thirty years. If a person puts in an hour of exercise every day, then he can increase his age by fifteen years.

Charles Fast, the eminent mathematics master of the United States of America, made a rule of learning mathematics for one hour per day and attained such proficiency by persisting to that end.

A scholar had written on his door. ‘Please do not sit idle. If you are pleased to come here, then do some help in my work also. ‘The ordinary people spend time on useless things, rational people put it in some useful work. These are the habits that bring the general category of people to the top of success. Mozart had made the ideal of his life to be engaged in useful work all the time. He kept on doing something while lying on his death bed. A famous book called Rakume, he completed while fighting to the death.

Milton composed ‘Paradise Last’, carrying the very busy responsibility of the Minister of the British Commonwealth and Protectorate. He could have got very less time from the government, even if he could have saved that poem in a few minutes. John Stuart Mill composed his best books while clerking East India House. Even after Galileo used to do the business of selling goods, he made significant inventions of science by saving some time.

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