The importance of promoting awareness in children

The importance of promoting awareness in children

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On studying the anomalies emerging in this phase of material development, one thing has been accepted by academicians from every region of the world that serious efforts should be made to provide education to children in various disciplines as well as well-being. When we consider the fact that ‘How should be the citizens of the new superior society?’, The importance of promoting awareness in children becomes even more important.

What should be done to awaken the goodwill among children? How to start? When this question arises, most people end their talk by cursing the education policy and education system. How will this matter? Somewhere, someone has to take some practical initiative.

Children visiting various schools can be collected through attractions such as coaching in subjects like math, science, English, supporting homework, teaching yoga and exercise.

Just as a huge tree is contained within a small seed, similarly a human being is also developed inside the child. Probably aiming at this truth, the poet Wordsworth said – ‘Child is the father of the man’ means the child’s father is present in the child. The need is that the child’s inherent instincts and powers should be given an opportunity to develop in a comfortable manner. Who knows what to do with the development of which instinct! Parents should be alert and careful in their behaviour towards children.

Truth does not mean to tell the truth, but to live a life full of goodwill such as prudence, duty, good conduct. Courage is the only companion with whom a human being alone can be able to walk on the path that looks inaccessible and reach the goal. Accepting your evils is an act of courage, but more courageous than this is to decide to leave them. Life is constructed by choosing a straw of goodness. But only a mild gust of evil is enough to wipe it out. Understand your values ​​and believe that you are the most important person in the world.

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