Illteracy keeps you in same bad pit forever

Illteracy keeps you in same bad pit forever

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It is said that the consequences of the slightest foolishness of the parents is to be bear by their children throughout their lives. Although attention has been paid toward education in every country and strong steps have been taken for it, but the number of educated people has not yet reached more than forty percent globally. Forty out of a hundred men are educated, most of whom are literate and their education is limited to alphabets. No matter how much the governments promote, it is difficult to get satisfactory achievements until parents feel the need to teach and educate their children. Today’s children are citizens of tomorrow, the future of India will go into their hands and if they remain uneducated and ignorant, what will be the future of the nation? And the parents of today’s parents will be responsible for that. Those who think that what is the need for education for children, we will teach them only.

The age to come is the era of competition. Every person can only live by keeping his level of competence at most nineteen than others, otherwise, he will be ruined. And the reason for his ruin will be the parents who never thought of educating and qualifying their children. On the contrary, they laughed at those who kept sending their children to school two miles away.

That mother is Barry, that father is an enemy who did not pay attention to educate his child properly.

And uneducated people have been compared to animals and it has been said that unread male animals are called, why is it said. Luckily one child became a scholar by reading and writing, and the other household is a householder. Both children are children of the same parents, but there is a big difference between them. This thing is different, even the illiterate should arrange their food until the material, but there will be a difference between sky and sky in speech and living conditions. The educated will communicate well, will welcome the visitor at the door, will be efficient and will keep their way of life like cultured humans. Whereas a person without reading will not be able to communicate in any way or practice tact. It is not unnatural to keep such a person separate from the human category. Because he is treated hostile by his parents.

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