Be prepared while sending your kids to schools | Part-2

Be prepared while sending your kids to schools | Part-2

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Sending children affectionately on their way to school, encouraging them and talking appreciatively on their return to home produces an immediate effect. Children return tired from school. Due to continuous labour during school time, they unconsciously expect outmost care from their mommy and daddy. In such circumstances, smooth behaviour works as a tonic for him. Even at such a time, never talk about such things which make children feel distressed. Therefore, to make them angry by saying such things is like breaking their enthusiasm. Like when the child came back from school and said – Mother, I have come. Instead of shrugging off saying well done. It should be said that my prince/princess has arrived. You didn’t even know when you say these things. How much does the child experience pleasant feelings?

Along with starting school life, efforts can be made to instil self-reliance in children at the same time. They should be taught things like wearing clothes, combing hair, wearing shoes when they get an interesting time. It is not that if you are engaged in some work, then get ready yourself, but when you have time too, then encourage them and train them for these tasks. Training of daily tasks should be imparted for rites and not for busyness or speed. And for this only the calm environment is more suitable.

In his new life, the child comes in contact with new adult boys and is influenced by many and hates many. He also tries to accompany children who are affected. At such a time, care should be taken and how they are living with children and their nature and nature, they should be taken care of. Regarding the association in the school, it can be known from the child’s other peers, teachers and the children themselves. These things can also be revealed by the changes in his behaviour, lifestyle and habits. Needless to say, one should be saved from malpractices and motivated to support good children.

Children are fickle and non-serious by nature. But in class, they have to sit with concentration and peace. Even naughty children have to keep a check on themselves while studying. This is the reason that when the children leave school when they are on leave, they make a loud noise, in a way, the fatigue that comes in their nature is solved here. This trend should be directed at home and they should eradicate their mental fatigue in a few games in the evening.

If he cannot get better instructions at this time, the child will not be fully focused toward the study. Thus, guardians should bear this responsibility in such a way as if it is their important duty, which they have to fulfil anyhow. With both the education and the better initiation, it is natural to ensure that the personality of the children continues to become excellent.

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