Be prepared while sending your kids to schools | Part-1

Be prepared while sending your kids to schools | Part-1

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A new world for children begins after being admitted to the school. Till now, they felt living under the rule of his mother, after starting to go to school, they start experiencing the rule of another person who is outside the family. Till now they used to live with family or neighbourhood children, as soon as they enter school, they realise about worldly children. For all types of children, going to school for the first time is a new experience in its own way. Even though it does not seem to matter when viewed from an adult perspective, but indeed it is a new, very important and shocking event for children. The sensations of that time are forgotten until they reach adulthood, but still, a glimpse of nervousness and surprise can be found on remembrance.

This is why children start hesitating as soon as they enter school. Many feel confinement there. He feels like an effective school environment from where he wants to get out as quickly as possible. Therefore, there is a need to have considerable psychological understanding while sending children to school. Otherwise, a permanent distaste for the school in the mind of the children becomes home and they can never become good students even if they want to.

The entire hesitation, however, cannot be removed from the minds of the children even after taking care of psychological matters. But that ability can definitely be created in their mind which can convince themselves to adapt to the new environment. The child enters the school in the early days as if a duck baby is coming down the pond; It is feeling – it is helplessness and does not feel like going because everything around is new and unseen.

Therefore, before sending to school, children should be helped to find a partner who can be of the same age, they should also search for nearby children so that the child can find someone to be a trusted companion in the new environment around them. Some other rehearsals can also be done to overcome the hesitation of the new pun, such as going to a new place in his presence, sending him alone to a new place somewhere near work.

In school, he gets the support of many children, whose number is quite large, the child is often afraid of crowds. Therefore, he should first be given the opportunity to interact with his adult children, in this case, he will be very helpful in getting together with schoolmates.

You should not be satisfied with your precautions only after getting admitted to the school. Even later, one should take self-interest in her school life and increase her enthusiasm. Initially, children start behaving irregularly after school enrollment. They do not find it interesting to be chained in one place for four to six hours. So they run away from school with their other peers and play somewhere. Therefore, it should also be kept in mind that whether the child is going to school regularly if this habit of regularity can be instilled well at that time, then they may be used to keep their life in order. The reason for this is also the strangeness of the atmosphere there. Therefore, both parents should make them curious and respectful about the strange environment of schools. Parents should ask their kid regarding school activities regularly. This information may be meaningless for the parents, but they generate a sense of curiosity in the children and they tend to be more intense and involve towards the school.

We will keep talking on this aspect in Part-2 of this article. So friends! Plz, Stay tuned!… To be continued!

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