basic primary requirements of human life – food, clothing, housing and…?

basic primary requirements of human life – food, clothing, housing and…?

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There are three basic primary requirements of human life – food, clothing and housing. But another fourth requirement, considered thoughtful, is also mandatory, That requirement is education. Lots of food, clothing to protect against cold-heat and houses to live in are gross requirements that are visible. But the fourth requirement of education is probably not visible because the lives of millions of people could go on without it although in a rubbish manner of-course. As far as the situation of scarcity is concerned, there are innumerable people who do not have their own homes, do not have enough clothes to wear, and their body cannot get proper nutrition in lack of food.

So of course, there are primary requirements. But remember, Micro is more important than macro, the seed is more valuable than the tree. Similarly, if the order of priority is to be established, then in today’s time, instead of food, clothes and houses, education is to be considered in the first place. Uneducated and uncouth people earn very less in return for a lot of hard work they put through daily labour and the messy way they spend that hard-earned money keeps them in the same bad pit without any improvement in their quality of living. And thus their situation remains the same as it was. Whereas educated and cultured people make a good living in that same equal income.

The responsibility of fulfilling the needs of food, clothing and housing itself comes in the youth. In childhood, they have been fulfilled by the parents, the responsibility of their fulfilment remains on them only. The primary need to be given special attention by parents is the education of children. Education has an important place in a man’s life and if he is paid attention from childhood, it is difficult otherwise. It has been said in many places – ‘Knowledge is the means of attaining worldly happiness and otherworldly joy.’ All excellent deeds end in knowledge, and through that, physical, mental and spiritual development is possible. ‘

The utility of education is experienced step by step. The uneducated person remains ignorant of the environment around him and is also unfamiliar with the pace and circumstances of time and society. As a result, he has to stumble step by step. He cannot solve his problems with the wisdom of the knot, he cannot get news of his situation and by writing letters to the help of distant relatives and can know their news. In the market, there is the fear of being cheated by the same person, the possibility of sitting in one’s smooth silence and doing your own harm is also more associated with him. Even he cannot travel safely without distance. Do whatever work you can for yourself, take care of what you get from it, and give birth to children just like you. In this circumference, his whole life cycle keeps on rotating and from the beginning to the end he spends a busy life.

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