Intellect and mental slavery

Intellect and mental slavery

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In order to give a definite and specific shape to a man’s thoughts, he should continue to express it through speech and writing. Re-articulating speech and writing should be refined and sharp. While doing this practice, those thoughts start getting infected in our conduct and one day we ourselves become idolized forms of that thought. This is the result of perfect purification, contemplation.

This creation is infinitely diverse. Therefore, none of the creations here is completely identical in form and shape. Therefore, before making a prudent personal creation, we should think and contemplate ourselves. How we want to be, it also arises from our differences as a result of serious thinking and meditation, the other cannot give it.

Due to the inferiority of conscience, man becomes antagonistic and defeated. He considers himself gone in all ways. He often gets the idea in his heart that ‘what can we do more than what our forefathers have done and what the big men of our society are doing. We should follow them as much as possible. Every kind of mental debility arises from such an attitude and the road to progress is blocked.

Mental slavery is the mother of all kinds of slavery. When the driving mind of the body is impaired, the molecule of the body is handicapped. There is no specific way for his power to be revealed. It is a boat that can drift wherever it wants.

The promoters of all human life are ‘feelings’. These expressions follow our basic tendencies. Feelings are built in the mind. Their exaltation or blasphemous nature is founded on the motivational forces of the mind.

When the mind becomes disabled, the soul is gone from its roots. His ambition continues to wane. Hope hurts. Such a person does not know what he is? What is its actual form? Which direction does he have to go? The mind clutched in the clutches of slavery destroys not only its own but also that of its master.

When we see others being timid, then we understand that we should be like this. Such is the true nature of man. We see such a sick environment around us. We attach more importance to unkind experiences. We ourselves paralyze the pace of thought by not using thought power. We do not use our own mental power and place our life on the example of another, the system. We think that what our forefathers have done, which our leaders are making, whatever our other brothers have achieved, we are also able to do the same. That is what we should get. We collect slavery from our environment, we collect slavery in the mind, and in the course of time, the atmosphere of the mind becomes rotten. Our society, sometimes our home, sometimes our environment or the work of earning a livelihood, becomes a facilitator of mental slavery and leaves us humbled. Mental nemesis is the stopping of the development of the mind by artificial means.

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