Importance of free thoughts

Importance of free thoughts

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Independent thinking is of great importance in the modern world. Because without independent thinking, the conscience is not awake and without it, it is not possible to realize the best path out of many available routes. It takes some convenience to keep following others, but the intrusion of other thoughts may paralyze your own free thoughts.

Just as lazy and luxurious instincts do not hesitate to make effort with their bodies, just like many people are always altruistic in the world of thoughts and minds. They want others to give us thoughts and thoughts by contemplating and meditating and I just keep following that path like an animal that is silent. The responsibility of good and bad of that path is not on me, no one can blame it for being bad, but while doing this, he does not know that in the end, choosing one of the many paths to walk. He also has the sole responsibility for collecting taxes. Therefore, all of them cannot succeed in proving themselves innocent. Yet the mental and intellectual laziness of such people is not overcome. Such human beings can be equated a lot with those sheep, who can fall into a well by following the instinct of following a sheep. The personality of human beings can never grow with this attitude. He is often proved unfit to do great things in his life.

Many people study, but not all are scholars, what is the reason for this? How many people read thousands of books, how much I take rite, yet if they do not have a certain idea, independent thinking, then even such a huge reading and study would not be able to establish the importance of his power to his personality. Whereas, an independent thinker and a contemplative person, through his little study, creates a unique personality in society and nation.

Just as the body-born babies are considered to be their children and give them affection and love, they try as much as possible to make their life flourishing and flourishing, just as if we could give respect and affection to our free thoughts, they would seem as ordinary The thoughts that occur, make our personality strong in such a special way, in the same way, that we give our children a look.

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