Don’t live in frality

Don’t live in frality

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We can consider mental slavery to be a psychological disease. Many kinds of delusions, indecent fantasies, despair, discouragement etc., create complex gland of selflessness in the mind area. Over time, these glands become very powerful. Then these reactions are carried out in various tasks of day to day. Our cowardice actions often result from this gland. Numerous connotations and rites are engraved on the table of memory. Unpleasant experiences of old failures enter the conscious mind from the latent mind and throw their light on every occasion. Just as the rays of light come out of the light with a fine cloth, the glands of selflessness and slavery often appear in every work and make it incomplete. Sometimes the human frailty, weaknesses, diseases, limbs, truncation, social conditions, poverty, country’s weaknesses all add to mental slavery.

In the present form, our religion remains a friend of mental slavery. The human mind is provided with the understanding, contemplation of every element. He should take all things thoughtfully, just as he should not accept every element like the blind, that is favoured. The modern form of religion has made the human mind extremely compressed, timid. The book, witchcraft, pilgrimage, do not know how many problems are on the human mind. He is not able to get away from here and there due to religious chains. Thousands of people are offered to lift fingers on him. Hence the poor have to follow other people. Mimicry may be suitable for ignorance, but being judicious in that chain, tying it in a chain produces strong sensations in its mind. This is how slavery of the mind arises.

When the mind is good and cannot do conscience in inferiority, then it will be called ‘Slave’, he should do his personal work freely. If the mind of man does not have the power of discretion independently, then he will surely be in the control of some other power. When the mind itself does not dominate the will of power, then it will definitely be dominated by an alien power.

If you close a small plant in a vial and remain ‘open from above’, it will grow upwards respectively. There is no scope for him to spread here and there as he has been kept in a narrow environment. Similarly, if you remain foolish, the mind will not develop. He will remain one-sided and will not develop kindness, kindness, truthfulness, boldness or decision power. By keeping the mind closed in a small circle, despite all the splendour, the human remains suffering from intuition. It does not have the appearance of self-respect.

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