Combining intellect with education

Combining intellect with education

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Many kinds of powers are required to make a successful life and sustain human life. The combination of physical force, intelligence force, economic force, community force etc. can solve the problems of human life. Governance, education, production and construction work is done by these forces and all kinds of assets and facilities are obtained. All these forces are handled properly by education & intellect so that they prove beneficial for us.

There is a slight difference between brainpower and thought force, we should also understand that Brain force is related to body force. Learning, business efficiency, running a working system according to the prescribed system is all a work of brainpower. The work of lawyer, doctor, businessman, artisan, artist etc. runs on this basis. This force arises and increases due to the fulfilment of the need and desire of the body. But education & intellect is related to the soul. Intellect is awakened according to spiritual need, desire and motivation. Discrimination of fair and unfair does this discretion only.

As the brain is physiologic, its policy is of physical interest. He tries to make the body rich and blessed by giving priority to sensual pleasures. In front of this view, he does not go very far to discriminate against the unfair. Wherever they are, people often forget the focus of duty and non-interest in the tune of collecting enjoyment, they also do selfish means in an inappropriate manner.

Intellect is completely different from this. In view, ‘Intellect’ also seems to be the same category of brainpower, but in reality, it is completely different from it. Intellect is the call of the soul, it is the source of spiritual selfishness. Out of conscience, true love nourishes the feelings of justice, renunciation, generous service and charitableness. He enjoys the delight of the pious elements. Just as quenching the hunger of the body is the purpose of brainpower; Similarly, ‘conscience’ tends to quench the hunger of the soul. Work, in the fulfilment of the ego, powerful people experience happiness, but it gives many times happiness and ecstasy to the prudent.

Property and material are acquired by force, but the method of this procurement is so narrow and selfish that in its tune man does not care about religion. Therefore, only the property generated by force is painful, causing discord and affliction, and the result is like poison. Acquisition of such property serves as a fuel to ignite the hellish fire of unrest, exploitation, oppression and reprisal in the world. In order to avoid such a situation, body force and brain force have to be controlled by the force of discretion.

It is very important to maintain the control of the conscience on the strength, without it, there cannot be peace and peace in the world. Force is blind and conscience screws. If only the force is dominant, then it will generate evil, torture and sin, in the pride of force, the man becomes blind, the conscience is the form of the eye, he exhibits the conscience, but the conscience alone becomes devoid of action. Many secular wise scholars keep proving their uselessness lying in one corner. When both the conscience and the force are reconciled, then all the arrangements are corrected as once a man who was sitting on the back of the blind sat and they escaped from the burning village due to mutual support. If both did not cooperate, both of them were sure to die.

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