To quench the mind & soul

To quench the mind & soul

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The way food is needed to satisfy stomach hunger, Education is needed to quench the mind and brain hunger in the same manner and it is the need of every human being. To fulfil this need, every effort should be made for everyone ranging from public servants to street labour. Nothing should be taken to fulfil this initial requirement of man i.e education. Government efforts to eradicate illiteracy are not enough. The pace at which governments are working, our country cannot be educated even in a hundred years because the way schools grow and education plans improve, at a much faster pace than that The population increases from. When the population increases, the efforts made for the advancement of the previous education will also be reduced.

Therefore, the need is that in this matter, efforts should be made at the public level through public servants rather than depending on the government completely. There is a problem of education, especially for older people. Elder people cannot be considered dead. Women consist of fifty percent in society but only a few percent of women have education, fifty percent of the women who live in the countryside generally and live in cities, their education is equal to zero. If such a large section remains uneducated, it is a matter of great misfortune. There is also the question of the education of millions of people, including farmers and labourers. Let the children know, the government is also trying for the children and the attention of the parents has also gone a little towards giving education to the poor children. We should try as soon as possible today that the sooner our illiterate country becomes literate, the better.

For this, adult schools are needed and night schools should be laid. These tasks should be done by public servants and by public institutions. The question of farmers comes in the countryside and the question of labourers comes in the cities. The labourers also do not have the facility. Their children start working with younger Omar. When a little labour is done, the family members get fascinated as to why they should be taught. Earlier it was not even custom when they thought that they do not have to do a job, they have to study for a job. What is the relation between jobs and studies, this is the problem of human development. There is no relation between job and development. That is why they should do so that for those who are illiterate, night schools should be run for older people. Nighttime is usually free for working people. Often, people work in the morning and in the evening, the matter of working ends. Eating bread often and most people complete it in the day itself. When the time of night comes, then after eating and drinking, the man is often free. They keep talking, gossiping, watching movies, entertaining a little bit. This is the right time in which the education and problems of older people can be solved. At about seven o’clock in the night, when everyone arrives early from work and after eating and drinking food regularly, then this time can be extended back and forth from seven to nine, or according to the coolness and warmth of two hours. Schools can run because schools are hope.

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