Education and job are completely different.

Education and job are completely different.

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Now another blazing question is, what should be taught to children? It should be said unfortunately that the attitude of education in any country and the nature of education have become so unique that every person, along with studying, adds to the fact that we will get a job after studying and must do the job needed. Today, the word ‘Education’ and ‘Jobs’ have become synonyms. Students should be asked in schools and colleges, what is your future and what will you do? 99 percent of them will have the same answer that we will do the job. Where will such a job come from? When the citizens of all the countries start studying and every citizen will wish that we should get a job. So who will hire everyone? A servant is needed somewhere. What will happen then? Education and job are completely different.

Educated people must devote some of their time in the form of education giving and as a grant to society. If the educated people are enthusiastic, run this kind of school together, fix the time and someday the duty belongs to someone and someday the duty belongs to someone or a month belongs to someone or there are people who regularly If you start giving time, then night schools can be run in a locality, locality, village to village. For this, those who feel hesitant, feel hesitant, think of their disillusionment that we have become so old and what should we go to read in the manner of children?

The meaning of a job is that with education people should have so much knowledge and intelligence so that if needed, they can become self-reliant. Whatever their paternal occupations are, mastering them is the work of education. Farmers who have children, they should be given the necessary information about farming, education of animal husbandry, and those children, after studying when they grow up, start cultivating farming in the same way as their parents. , Start animal husbandry, start a new industry. If such information is available, why should the children of farmers need to find jobs? This is the purpose of education, which position is the boy, after taking primary education, the interest and occupation of children should be determined there. It should be seen that not everyone can get a job; what do they have to do for a living? Farmer’s children should get education for farmers, shopkeepers’ children should be provided shopkeeper’s education, whose parents who do business at home should provide such education to the younger age.

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