A Brief analysis of Japanese education model

A Brief analysis of Japanese education model

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The progress that Japan has made is through small industries. They have made such efforts in every village, house to house and locality so that the labour of every person, which is left, can be utilized. After studying in Japan, school children also do some work with machines installed in their home. Women who stay at home after cooking and after making household arrangements, also get home industries in which they can work for many hours, they can earn a living by working many hours. There is a dire need for everyone to get some work worth using their labour. Without that our economic system cannot be improved.

If the labour force of so many men goes waste, it is only natural for a national production to decline. If only one person eats the whole house, then it is bound to be an economic crisis at home. Every man should earn in one form or the other. It is the work of the system of our society, the work of the system of education to give such teaching, especially in relation to the cottage industries that every household should have some industry and to sell the items made from those cottage industries and to market them The work of fetching and selling should be from the cooperative society. Man-made things and sold them. How is it Someone should make soap in the house and sell it house to housekeeping the same on his head, one quarter to make time and three fourth time to sell. What will it cost then? Sales work should not be that of a producer. The producers should be different and the vendors have different institutions. With this, the manufacturer is also assured, the sources for the sale also become fine and if it is to be sent out, then it also becomes fine. The aim of our education should be self-reliance.

The aim of education is to make the person aware of every problem of human life, such as health problems, from anatomy to physiology. How can our organs work and why do they get sick, how can those who are sick get cured and if someone falls ill at home, what should be done for their care and first aid? It should be an important part of education, but we see that these organs are very few. When every man grows up, he has to earn money and have to do industry, bread has to be made, accounts have to be maintained, but we see that in general education there is no place for essential things. Every person has a family, a family, a family problem, a woman’s problem, a child’s problem, a pregnant’s problem, a child’s development problem. The man who makes a family and lives in a family should be aware of this, but we see that, unfortunately, such an important part of life and there is no scope for them in our education. National problems of human beings, social problems, religious problems, spiritual problems, problems of development of life, problems of fixing personality, etc. There are innumerable problems in human life and especially in this progressive era, their number has increased even more. What can and should be the solution to these problems, and in what ways did the people of the world fulfil the need of their country. Difficulties resolved. Giving information about this is the work of education, but we see those wasteful things get thrown into the minds of children by the way of garbage? He is forced to memorize the word, what is the matter of memorizing it?

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