Teachers are the pillar of society

Teachers are the pillar of society

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The teachers are requested to understand their dignity. If the teacher sees himself as a government-serving employee or just as an education worker, then nothing can be worse than this.

Teacher’s responsibility is huge – They have to protect their self-esteem, and this is possible only when we understand our responsibility and do not indulge in its subsistence. The responsibility of teachers is really extraordinary. That little thinking cannot be accomplished by the feelings of little people. Teachers are the pillar of personality building. As the structure goes, so do the patterns. The teacher is ideal for the student, he follows it. Reverence and respect go on this condition. Where utterance and action are seen to be different, there is a cut in reverence and respect, and then the teacher is no more than an actor.

We should understand our ancient pride and consider ourselves to be the reason for losing it. A lion child mistakenly went into a flock of wolves. In time, he forgot that he was a lion’s child. When a lion made him realize his power, he repented a lot.

It is necessary for the government and society to organize proper teaching for teachers. It is also the responsibility of the government and society to provide facilities for teachers to live at the normal national level. In the absence of a proper system, the teaching process is affected. It is the right of teachers to achieve this. It is appropriate to try to get the right, we have to take care that our duty is not affected in the absence of it, the teacher is great, he has to take care of maximum duty. If you want to choose one of the rights and duties, first you have to choose the duty. We should continue to introspect how much we are fulfilling the responsibility God has chosen to fulfil. The teacher class is Ganesha, the seeker of Saraswati. It would be audacity to direct them. The divine consciousness of Mahakala has many expectations from teachers. Hope the era will not be ignored.

Indian culture is dev culture. The entire philosophy of this culture is included in the Sutra form in Gayatri verses. Its philosophy should be explained to all the students and it should be recited five times in a prayer meeting to remember it daily.

Along with teaching each subject, teachers can also teach moral values. Formulas for the cultivation of self-mastery can be combined with subject-learning. Intense intimacy with students, satisfying them by presenting them well after their problems is an effective way to prevent indiscipline. The system of torture and punishment can be made to do the desired thing, but no one can be changed. The teacher’s high-level character, personality and honesty in teaching are characteristics that make it easy for students to adapt themselves.

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