Teachers are the path to success

Teachers are the path to success

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Education is a representation, its embodied teacher. The present circumstances also cannot hinder the teacher to understand and demonstrate his dignity. As far as the increase in the pay scale facilities of the educational system is concerned, it will be supported to raise more resources, but even if there are some shortcomings in it, even if there are hurdles, then it is possible that the students will give their master glory. Stay and experience the importance of your pride and keep growing.

Students spend a significant part of their time in schools staying with teachers. There is also a feeling of reverence and gratitude towards them. How can anyone forget their remedies?

It is necessary to complete school education. It can also be considered as labour for future jobs. Salary makes a living. But the matter is not limited to this. The reason is also that the teachers pump in virtues such as decency, gentleness, labour, understanding, honesty, responsibility and bravery in their students. Those teachers who truly lives in these efforts can make the whole society their debtor. The dignity of the teacher is maintained by thinking, character, behaviour and quality, temperament and idealization.

Children should be taught appropriate favourable literature to generate creative tendencies in the life-making process. There is also no shortage of such useful lessons in textbooks. Apart from this, if the teacher wants and tries, he can include such formulas and riddles not only from literature or books of language but also while teaching and explaining subjects such as geography, history, mathematics, etc., which are helpful in the purpose of creation of rites. Any topic can be explained by turning in any direction and doing so can be in the capacity-periphery of any thoughtful teacher. This means that when a teacher is not teaching any subject, he can give ideas for a rite in style while explaining it. By inculcating high feelings towards the subject, teachers can sow the seeds of sublime attitude which can lead to desired results in any direction.

We learned a great truth about education. We had learned that only humans can learn from humans. Just as the water fills the reservoir, the lamp burns only with the lamp, similarly, the soul becomes alert from life. Character is formed by seeing the character. The contact of the Guru – sensory, takes inspiration from his life and becomes a human being. In this way, the teacher creates the best man (disciple) by his best conduct.

Ethical education – the burden of our country, society, civilization, culture is very much on the shoulders of teachers. Realizing this responsibility of ours, more and more efforts are necessary for building an excellent personality of children. Today it is a very big responsibility of teachers. Of all the courses that are out there, the results of the straps and the consequences of the satraps are visible, teach them with your comments in such a way that the students have the opportunity to understand the difference between good and evil and its reward.

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