Education illuminates you

Education illuminates you

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Great Donation of Knowledge – The teacher can illuminate not only the students but also their parents with the light of knowledge. Through students, teachers should try to connect good parents with their own self-cultivation tradition by sending them books from time to time. In this way, with the light of knowledge, reaching home from home, along with state service, one gets the good fortune to be a partner of great virtue.
Teachers should make students aware of family responsibilities, inspire them to remain social, motivated to maintain a good relationship with neighbours, make the sources of selfishness in the interests of selfishness and self-interest, explain the importance of cleanliness and health and to students Provide knowledge of the sources of the art of living life.

The achievements of respect and complacency are definitely found in society as a reward for great works. The students whose calligraphy is good, should inspire them to write inspirational sentences on the walls. In this way, you can get very important work done by giving due consideration to the people walking the path.

From time to time, festivals, jubilees, national festivals are celebrated in schools. It should be kept in mind that the songs sung in them should be in tune with the nationality, patriotism and dignity of their country caste and their talent can be developed through poetry conference etc. Teachers have great power, they should understand them. If they have prepared the student class to listen to them by behaving with love and intimacy, then it will not be difficult for them to make any change in society.

The direction in which man thinks, the things which he thinks, the elements which he meditates, are all gradually located in the mind of the mind of the contemplator and attaining growth. We should understand the basic principle of thought science that our mental powers will start to be illuminated in the same direction on which the mind will concentrate.

There are two parts of knowledge – one is ‘education’ and the other is ‘learning’. Education is that which is taught in schools and colleges, by which people become graduates, clerks, doctors, lawyers, engineers, professors, officers etc. This is to achieve mastery in livelihood and public behaviour. This is necessary, because, without it, the path of stability and progress does not open in worldly life. But even more important is learning. The knowledge by which a person builds his beliefs, feelings, aspirations and ideals, the same knowledge is called Vidya. The means of obtaining is not only school college but also self-education. Through contemplation and meditation, learning arises, learning comes from living with gentlemen and listening to their pleas and watching activities.

The aim of education should be – knowledge of reality. The world is not the same as we are seen or told. The problems of the individual and society are not the same, which are discussed. What kind of diving should be done to reach the bottom of reality? The aim of education is to teach this art. The fundamental purpose of education is to get the ability to think freely, to get rid of illusions, distortions and the bondage of evil, and to get a sharp vision to understand the true nature of life and the world.

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