Education has been called the third eye

Education has been called the third eye

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Education should be that which can instil character, spirit and lion-like courage even in ordinary people. The education by which one stands on one’s feet in life is the true education. The life goal of the students is not only to pass the exam, get a gold medal but also to earn the ability and merit of serving the country. Emotional flourishing is the real objective of education. It is only by incorporating ideas in thinking, an attitude that citizens of a country can become capable and competent in the true sense. Talent flourishes not by instilling ambition, but by competing in dignity and seniority. Education is a decoration of human modesty.

Therefore, the form of learning, which is formed by linking habit with education, can teach schools the fulfilment of human obligations. The most needed for attaining knowledge is good practices, good intellects.

‘Progress towards the path of wisdom’ is such a great benefit that achieving it can be considered a direct sign of God’s grace. Through this mantra, the sages have attracted our attention that we should consider the greatest benefit in achieving this. The reputation of Gayatri means the reputation of good intellect. The path of Gayatri purifies his intellect, removes the corrupted vision in him and establishes a visionary vision. This mantra has been prayed for to help the divine to achieve this goal.

Education has been called the third eye. One eye is those, leather, from which we can see the things in front of us, but education is the object which is not visible from the front and we cannot see those things which are not in the surrounding environment. Through books, through information, through history, we can see and understand the past, the past and the possibilities of the future, the problems of the present, what is happening in the whole world, what is the nature of the world, this Education is absolutely required to know everything.

If there is no education, it can only be said that he has one of the two eyes. He can only see things in front and around. Neither do they understand the past, nor do they understand history. Neither do they understand the problems of the whole world? How can there be so much information without reading and without knowing? Man will remain narrow. The small circle will remain a couplet and will accept the surrounding world as the whole world. Education for intellectual development Education for the establishment of civilization in man Education can be seen from any point of view, in order to enable man to earn a living properly, education is absolutely necessary.

Education should be expanded as much as possible. A man who does not have an education, that is, he is not educated, he cannot read, cannot write. If we call him ignorant in a way, then there is no harm. Education is required to open the doors of knowledge of man. It is unfortunate that our country is a large number of uneducated countries, whereas no country in the world is so illiterate and illiterate. Educated people are found all over the world, whereas there are many people in our country, they need to give many kinds of consciousness. Physical knowledge, mental knowledge, family knowledge, national knowledge, moral knowledge, religious knowledge, these are said to remove mind numbness. Man will have to study for them. How can any person get all the life-related knowledge and information about current problems, except literature, apart from books and magazines? To read them a man must have an education.

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